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Tipping gone wrong?

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Hey fellow growers. I'm growing a Bronze Whale atm, he's been slow from start but i thought i'd let it go and see how she went. she's always been behind the rest of the plants in speed but seemed to be doing ok. now....... problem.......... I tipped the sucker and wierd shit is going on. The 2 new branches came out but also the main stem (that i tipped) is still trying to grow. it looks like a worm, all twisted and shit and the leaves on the end look nuffin like mull leaves. more like chilli leaves.


do i cut the top off?

let it go and see what happens?

or what?

thx pplx

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It's okay Yam, you've just fimmed it I think... You left a little tissue behind when you tipped the plant, and this has managed to regrow into the original shoot... Of course whilst it was healing the two branches below were stimulated to grow, but eventually it's found it's feet and is starting again... you can trim it off or keep it, it's not really that big a deal. Eventually the stem and leaves will grow out of the damage caused to them whilst they were very young, and you'll have a normal branch again. If the stimulated lower branches are now much higher than the original tip then it'll grow slower, you can even out the amount of effort the plant puts into each top by tying them all down to the same height... If you wanted to give the orginal shoot a bit more of a boost you could tie the two side branches down below that tip, and then release them a few days later after the orignal shoot has been given a nice healthy boost of growth...


So yeah, it's fine, but it's up to you whether you cut it or not, you may as well keep it tho, as another branch means another cola! :D Well, hopefully. :)

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