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same thing happened to me except without the curling bit. You will see that it is normal for the first few leaves to go yellow, curl and die (the leaves near the bottom of the plant which don't have the classic marijuana leaf shape). However if any more leaves are going yellow and curling, you have used too much nutrients. A way to fix this is to flush out the nutrients by watering them a lot however you need to be careful as you don't want to drown the plant. Seedlings don't require much fertilizer thus using too much will burn the plant. Hope that helps
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gudday mate. yeah sounds like a bit of fert burn man; could also possibly be the heat. i neglected a couple of month old plants over that really hot spell.(we had 40 degree heat up here), and their top leaves also went brown and died, but overall growing doesn,t seem affected.

make sure those dead leaves are pulled off. death seems to travel down the plant through rot.if you don't cut it off. try and do it cleanly. i just use fingernails if i ever have to take off leaves. fungus rust etc. when you get used to it , it takes about a 10th of the time.


best of luck, hope they come good for ya. :D

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It might not be firt burn. Fert burn generally starts at the tips of the serations on the leaves, and then yellows the whole leaf, until it is crispy brown. Yellowing limp leaves that also curl, sounds like it could be soggy feet. Too much water will kill your girls as quick as "round up".


When they are suffering from fert burn, the leaves hang on the stem pretty good for a while. When too much water is the cause, the leaves drop off with a light touch of your hand.


Did you provide for good drainage when you prepped the soil?


Hope this helps



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Good call fossil,I have seen a number of posts on diffferent sites relating to the same problem.Too often the responce is "when in doubt flush it out"Great if it were nute burn,but it does not sound that way this time.Let them dry for a couple days.Adding a high grade potassium silicate(ie.Barricade by Advanced nutes) to the feed program will also help your plants to be more tolerant of over/under watering.Hope this helps
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If its the leaves at the bottom of your plants it may just be part of the natural grow cycle, as obsolete fans leaves at the bottom tend to die off. If they are like this, nip them off with your fingernail, as the plant wastes energy trying to keep them alive, when they are not needed. hence it will grow slower.


best of luck!

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