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ok.. just seeking counsel from some pros here ;)


i had 3 seeds, put them in water overnight to help them germinate.. they all sunk, i planted them in little pots of potting mix by poking a little hole in the soil, putting the seed in, and covering it up, i have watered them for three days and they havent sprouted yet :)

how long should they be taking? and what are the chances that they may not sprout?

by the way, it is very hot here at the moment, 42 degrees today, 37 yesterday.


any advice would be much appreciated, i can always rely on ozstoners :D

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You shouldn't need to overwater germinating plants... Just give a deep watering initially and keep in a nice warm position... A hot position can also cause damage to young sprouts, particularly when they start the process in a jar of water and then once they pop the root they move to a pot... How deep did ya plant em? And how much root had come out before you did? Or were they just swollen before planting, not split...


Anyway, ideal temps (soil) for germing is 20-28 or so, with 25 or thereabouts being the ideal 42 degrees is a shiteload of heat mate, and it's going to cause some problems... Regardless, seeds can take a while to sprout, so you may still get there, but if you've planted them too deep they'll have great difficulty making it up to the surface... Oh, one more, is the soil rather open or really close? Like does it crumble easily in your hands or is it hard and solid in the pot? If the soil is too close and dense it can also stunt seedling germination and development, so try and use a seedling mix for the immediate area of sowing, the rest of the pot can be normal mix, or you can use a seedling mix in small pots to be transferred in later.


Whew, hope that helps, good luck with the seedlings, and keep us updated. :D

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there wasnt any root coming from the seeds when i planted them, i just let them in water the night before becuase i heard that would help them sprout faster


i have been worrying about the heat.


i think that they wouldnt be any more than a centermetre under the surface, and the mix is quite loose i think.


maybe i could take them inside while they sprout? it's much cooler in my house. what is worse? a cool house or hot outside?


thanks for the help and dont hesitate to ask for more details :D

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Guest Wilderbud

Make sure your soil is draining and let it dry out well [not totally dry though!] or the seeds will rot. I water once after planting a cracked seed and I dont have to do it for about 3-5 days in peat+perlite [under flouro - less for Sunlight/HID].


You can test the amount of water by having a pot the same size filled with just medium [no water] - you shouldnt use soil which holds a lot of water.


If your cup/pot holds too much water then you must fix its drainage by adding perlite/clayballs/grit.

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