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ballast problems

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Hi everyone,


I just bought a 2nd hand grow light setup up, and the first time i plugged it in everything went wonderfully, massive amounts of light etc etc. However, since then whenever I plug it in, I get a loud and scary crackling coming from the ballast, and the bulb will not light up.


I'm no electrician, so my best guess is "there is something wrong with the heavy boxy bit".


Anyone able to help me out?



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hey man,


is that a clicking sound that don't stop, it just keeps clicking over an over???

If it is than its something wrong with the bulb or lamp-holder and cord, not the ballast.


Take the whole thing into your hydro store and have them run it with different lamp, bulb, different ballast, they'll fix it up for you. Better to be safe than sorry man, I wouldn't attempt rewiring it or putting a new ballast in myself, all sounds a bit dangerous to me, I wouldn't trust myself with appliances that good. maybe your alot smarter than me though :D

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Thanks for replying so fast, ahhh the wonders of the internet!


Well I considered that the cable might be dodgy, since it's been lengthened quite un-expertly through the use of scissors and black insulation tape...


I don't have the thing here to analyse it further, I've left it at my friends house (with the instructions of "Don't touch it I don't want you to get zapped"). I would take it to a hydro shop, but there isn't one around my area that I know of, or even in the state, which kind of sucks! I'll have a search right now.


And I definitely won't be trying to repair it myself, I'm not smart, I'm dumb as a stump :D


Thanks for your help mate!

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Guest Wilderbud
Just get the hydro shop or a sparky to fix it for you. Joining wires is never a good idea when its to lengthen the wire - you get resistance on a join [especially if its dodgied!!!]. Should cost about $10 to run a new lead or maybe $20 if its from the ballast to the lamp as it has a different plug. A sparky can check for any problems while youre there but theyll probably charge more for the plug/lead - your call. :D
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I will definitely not be using it til I get it checked out and all cleared by an electrician or hydro shop, that's certain!


I did a search before and found a few potential places where i might be able to get it checked out, i used to have a friend whose dad was a sparky, damnit, i wish i knew whatever happened to him after college!


and i live in tasmania. :D

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Guest Wilderbud

Any sparky will do - make sure he checks the ignitor and ballast [theyre inside the 'ballast box'] and the lightbulb socket to make sure its worth fixing then get the lead replaced. Buy a new bulb so he can test it [youll buy one eventually and tell him not to touch it or get it wet - I had one sparky argue with me about this when I helped him fit an MV lamp *the bulb blew up of course*]. Never use dodgy shit - if you have any doubts then ask an expert.


BTW its illegal to sell dodgy equipment so if you bought it from a shop then bill them unless the warranty says 'as-is'.

Edited by Wilderbud
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