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g.f guano

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what the hell's a g.f? g.f stands for guinea fowl.


a guinea fowl is a bird about the size of a chook and looks a bit like a vulture. there main diet is bugs. apparantly 90% but i don't know about that. i often see them having a pick at the grass seeds. at night they roost in an old tree about 100 metres away from the house. theirshit(i think guano is a much prettier word)obviously falls to the ground below.

i thought i might give this g.f soil a go. i figured if it didn't burn the ass out of them that it might be a good medium.

so i thought i might do a complex scientific experiment,

i made a mix of 50/50 soil and g.f soil.

i used it when i repotted seedlings at 2 weeks. just bagseed.

out of the 8 4 were in g.f medium and watered with rain water, the other 4 were planted with straight soil and given half strength miracle grow every second day.


the four in the g.f medium are about 2 inches taller and much more vibrant looking.


i wouldn't have a clue about the analysis of this stuff, i just know that the results have been pretty good.


of course probably noone else has guinnea fowl and this thread probably doesn't help anyone, but i just thought it was interesting.

check ya's later


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