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Can i please get a list of brands for indoors soils and nutrients, and ph metres, or whatever is used for soil methods testing. Whatever it would take to set up for a grow, Try not to confuse me with too much. i only want a list of things to work straight away, not variations of "i could use this brand instead of this brand", know what i mean?


just a good list of products! and thereabouts costs!


i dont mean to be rude, but thats how i get confused everytime i read a thread, because i get lost in the suggestions and variations of ideas.


i just want a "shopping list"!!!


soils nutrients and nute metres, etc etc


thanks alot, sorry im a dumbshit like that, very indecisive when given a choice, so if you could make an entire choice for me, :D , that woud be great


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Guest Wilderbud

You can save yourself worry by grabbing some pre-mixed soil. Woolies sells Green Gardener organic compost [big green bag] that is a nice soil to grow with. For extra nutrients [after about 6 weeks] Natures Own Guano Grow and Bloom sounds nice. You shouldnt have any problems with these products [forget PH tester for soil unless you mix your own - I put a thread about 'mixing your own' in the outdoor section if youre interested but you can create a smelly mess easilly this way]. :D


Check out the 'janes addiction' thread if you want to see soil+guano.

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here is a "simple list"


Any good potting putting mix. Ask at the nursery/hardware for a potting mix for a PH of around 6.5.


nutes - yates thrive for veg and yates lush for flower.


You don't need a PH meter but if you have a spare $100 they can be useful, even for oil. So if you want buy a PH meter and some PH down from a hydro shop. PH meters are mostly the same. the average PH meter from the hydro shop for around $100 is usually fine.


pots with saucers, say around 300mm


grow light. I would recommend a 400watt HPS with remote ballast.


You need at cabinet to grow in. About 600x900x1800 is an average size for a 400watt light.


flat white paint to paint the inside of your cabinet.


temperature guage with min/max function.


exhaust fan. cut holes in cabinet to let air in. you are aiming for 24-27 degrees. if its too hot add more exhaust/inlet fans. buy fan rated for continious use. try to duct exhaust to outside of the room your cabinet is in.

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i dont need a "simple list" , i need a "shopping list"


so the average indoor soil grower only uses standard compost/potting mix and two different nutrients only depending on veg or flower? thats basically what you two have told me!



i dont need to know about the setup, thats worked out thanks,

just the soils and nutes

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CHeck out the organic section on overgrow.com - they have the best info.

Not that many people in Aus grow in dirt indoor. Maybe a few....

You can make up mixes that contain potting mix, peat moss, perlite, a bit of dynamic lifter, maybe a little lime , some use a bit of sand,and some shrimp meal. There's proportions on overgrow, like I said. I've used plain potting soil with a bit of perlite and blood n bone and it's worked fine, but you won't get the speed you will with hydro. Everything's not so exact as you would hope, you'll have to read a lot a try things to find the best results for your strain.

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Guest Wilderbud

Crappy old woolworths soil? Maybe if I hadnt evaluated it Id be inclined to believe your psychic prowess - its composted pine bark according to the label and it has long-lasting aeration and drainage qualities [it just works].


Ive grown in soil many times and Id go with 60/40 peat/perlite for indoors [i assumed you wanted an outdoor soil - I didnt read the whole post but the above soil would be as-good!]. Peat is great, perlite helps it dry out faster - BigW [dont complain] sells nice peat or if you want coco-coir instead [basically the same qualities as peat] then I havent found any that is useless.


By using an organic liquid nutrient it saves you from mixing stinky tea or adding stinky fertilizers of unknown proportion - inorganic liquid nutrient can salinate your soil and you definately dont want this to happen. Age Old is a popular brand but I havent experimented with liquid nutrients yet [ive used Maxicrop and Guano before but I didnt evaluate it] and Natures Own is a Aussie brand so you should be able to find it easilly.


Choose your own adventure if you 'think' my advice sucks.



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i didnt say your advice sucked man, i just thought it was lacking

like you said, you didnt read my entire post where (at the start :D) it says indoors, afterall it is in the "indoor medium and nutrient" section. you said woolies soil and guano, it just didnt sound right

dont get all huffy man, would you rather i do your woolies soil and guano idea indoors just to make ya feel like you gave me the information i was after?

now thats all cleared up, thanks for the info :)


also, 60/40 peat and perlite mix... no nutrients in that stuff aye? how often would i use the organic liquid ferts you suggested?

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Guest Wilderbud

You dont need any nutes for about 3-4 weeks then just feed every 3rd day at least. Check the colour of the run-off nutrient [and use it on outside plants too] and every 3rd watering is normal for liquid nutes [that mix should dry out daily after the first fortnight from seed BTW so twice per week should be sufficient]. :D


Lots of people say add a couple of tablespoons of lime when using peat/coco but I have never done this and my plants havent suffered at all [ive mostly grown plants outdoors but it shouldnt make much difference] - feel free to add some and check the soil PH but itll probably be about PH5 so PH7 water will keep it on the mark. Adjust to PH6 if you really want to but letting it move around is good IMO - youll want to adjust the nutrient PH down also if you raise the soils PH but Id go the easy route and forget PH exists as its not a problem when growing in soil. :)


Yeah use the woolies mix if you want but youll need no nutes for a longer time at the start. Im not lying when I say its good soil although I prefer to use peat/perlite since its more inert [wont salinate as easilly]. ;)

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