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Gender ratios


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We've probably all 'jagged' a ratio something like 7,8 or 9 out of 10 females from a particular batch of 10 seeds at any one time. My question is; How often does the opposite occur to everyone ? That is, how often do you bum out and get a shitload of males instead ?


Obviously the answer should be, just as often, but I'd like to see if any kind of statistical trend emerges.

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The less seeds you plant (of a given strain, more than one mixes things up a bit, but not much) at a given time the more likely they are to be skewed away from the "theorised" 50/50 ratio... The truth is so many strains are inbred and crossed out now that you'd be hardpressed to find out the true male/female ratios of most plants anyway... and then there's hermies.... :D


I only sprouted females for my first twenty or so plants, but most of them were planted individually over long periods of time, and most of them weren't allowed to flower properly, I just knew that they were girls by the earliest preflowers... I never lived anywhere long enough to do it properly, and being the ignorant teen I knew bugger all, just what I'd read in a few books like Ed's Growing Guide and the typical shite stoner kids tell each other when they're wasted.... it was mostly just pissfarting around for a larf really. :) Now I'm more settled I've been able to explore the subject of growing plants a bit more, and thus here I am... I've only had a few males tho, most plants I've sexed have been female, mind you I've tried a shiteload of different seeds, (not bought, but traded or bag) so it's more likely just one of those luck of the draw things....


What was the point again?


The point is, yeah, the less seeds you plant at once, you're more likely to get all females, or all males, ;) or god forbid all hermies, ;) but if you kept planting more and more of a strain, you'd probably see the ratios of male/female even out a bit more... whether it would sit at 50/50 is something I couldn't tell ya, as it depends on the genes of the plants you crossed, but that figure is the usual result of sexual reproduction.

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