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my lil seedlings..


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Hey fellas,

i'm a n00b n i got 4 lil seedlings (popped up yesterday) and they were white with green ends and the seed attached. but now the white bit on 2 is going a bit brown. i had two 9watt fluros about 8 cm from them n i moved the lights to like 15cm above.

stressing out..

Anyone know whats going on. is this normal?! are my babies dying on me?! am i over/under watering?!



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Pete, here isa link that could be of interest;






As for the browning........ no pics makes it difficult for helpful suggestions.

Chlorosis and necrosis are two terms which describe symptoms of disease in plants. Chlorosis means lacking green (chlorophyll). Chlorotic leaves are pale green to yellow or white. Chlorotic leaves often show some recovery after the necessary nutrient is supplied. Necrosis means that the tissue is dead. Dead tissue can be gold, rust, brown, or grey. It is dry and crumbles when squeezed. Necrotic tissue cannot recover.

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