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Everything out of sight


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I just planted some more seeds in seed raising mix and I usually leave them outside to sprout but just to be on the safe side Ive decided to keep everything out of site from now on.

I water them and keep them in darkness till they hit the surface and this time I want to place them under a 200 watt MH to veg when they sprout. What distance is advisable from my light without causing damage?

I also have a "Compugas" co2 injecting system....will this be any advantage to the seedlings at such a young stage?



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Keep the light 2 - 2 1/2 ft high at first, when they have 1 or 2 nodes (sooner if they start to stretch) drop it down to its proper grow height.


To set the light to grow height, start at 45cm/18" above the plants, hold your hand palm down level with the top of the plant for a few minutes. If it feels too hot on the back of your hand the light is too close, if cool then it's too far away. If it's pleasantly warm and it feels as if you could hold your hand there all day then it's OK.



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