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chev grows again.......


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Finally! Back up and growing ;) A nice little temporary growroom, housing 8 B'shen and 1 white widow (my little baby ;) ) clones. Hoping to get a quick grow off before going back to Perth.

I'm using 7 CF's to veg for about another week, then I'll put them under a 600w hps. Got them in coco peat, and the WW in straight perlite, run to waste. Anyway, here's some pics, they're not all that brilliant sorry B)

The first is my WW clone


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I'd give them more than a week more eh, sacrifice some ripening time maybe instead of the veg, unripe buds are better than a small amount of buds.
Yeah, I'll be letting em' veg a bit more than a week, probably another 2-3 at least. They've only just rooted really, been in that room for about 2 or 3 days. Be about a week before I can get hold of my 600w hps, so they'll get a good week or 2 under that in veg before I turn em'. And I dunno, it's the old 'quality v quantity'. Personally, I'm for both ;), so they'll be vegged good and proper, don't worry :;):

Thanx guys, they'll look better when they get some pretty flowers, and about another 4 foot in height, at least B)

Yeah, sorry about your eyeballs wc, NOT ;)

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