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Seed germination

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Hi to all,


I have a couple of silly questions.


Firstly, I have some seeds I ordered from seedsdirect, they arrived 7 days after ordering. They are: K2, B-52, Bubblicious & Northern Light X Shiva. All Nirvana. Because they didn't have Ice, they have given me 15 seeds of Skunk#1 and didn't charge me for the NL X Shiva. Unreal deal.


I dont want to make the same mistakes that I made with my first attempt at germ. I think I overwatered them and also using 1/2 strength nute when they first came thru didn't help either.


This time, I have soaked rockwool cubes in ph 5.5 with 1/2 strength nutes added. I have read this several times somewhere.


At the same time, I soaked the seeds B-52 & K2, ($18 AUD per pack of 10) In a solution of:

.1 ml Oxy Plus

.1 ml Super Thrive

500 ml Distilled water at ph 5.5

Does this sound right ?....also read somewhere.


After 24 hours, some of the seeds have cracked open so should I plant the open ones and wait for the others or do the whole lot together?(Different articles I have read say to plant the lot at the same time).


When putting them into the cubes, should the cubes be drained of water or left as are to drain by themselves.


The rockwool cubes are buried half way in a tray of perlite that has been warmed and dampened with the same solution as the cubes were soaked in. Now, when I put the seeds in them, is it ok to just use a plug of dampened rockwool to fill the hole and cover them.


The tray is on a heated propogation mat (22-25 deg) so whats the go, do I put the humidity cover on or not, if so, vents opened or closed.


After the seeds have sprouted, at what stage do I start to give them nutes and at what strength.


Oh growing pot in the old days was so easy. Get a handful of seeds and throw them in the soil. Give them a bit of water and forget about them till they come up. No nutes, no ph no bloody nuthin. Grew good pot way back then


Hope you can help ASAP.

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Guest Wilderbud
You sent me a private message [3 actually] and I replied - you did see that right? Check your inbox again - I definately sent a reply to two private messages - you replied to one of them also. Edited by Wilderbud
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sounds good Gaytimegrower. as for soaking those cubes in nutes, just plain PH adjusted water is the go I reckon. but people do soak them in nutes and it works so either way. yeah squeeze the excess water out of them before planting in seeds, you don't want them swimming in water, just moist. point seeds pointy end down.


personally I would put them all in the rockwool after a 24hour soak whether they have cracked or not. but there's nothing necessarily wrong with what you're doing.

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i've heard many different opinions about how to plant germed seeds. ppl say tap root pointing up, some say down, and some ppl say it doesn't matter. if u plant the tap root pointing up, doesn't that mean it will have to do a u-turn so it can go downwards? which means it will take longer to sprout out of the top of the soil. so anyway, does anyone have a definate answer-tap root pointing up, down, doesn't matter?




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