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Best reflector?

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I have heard two schools of thought on this topic, so i am interested to see what you guys have to say.

Which type of reflector is best for 600w hps lamps?? Vertical lamp position or horizontal? China hat or winged type? I have heard arguments for each style of shade.

What do you guys think?

Your practical experience out weighs theory any day.


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Guest Elefunk

SUp Bloodshot...

Well ive also thought about the swapping over to a china hat, i currently

have a batwing avenga style with 600, i have close friends who use china hats and have great yeilds, im yet to experiment when i have more cash.

concidering china hats r old Tech... around $60 bucks -

batwings r new tech.... so im going with new tech..

BUT im still going to invest in a china hat to check differences




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I was also going to buy a China hat reflecter but during a bit of research read that they tend to lose a lot of light, but I spose if you got a fairly big area underneath then it wouldn't matter much. I spose it depends on the type of area you want to illuminate. ie; a cupbourd would probably be better of with one of those like a manta (horizontle light ) where as a china hat would be better for a room.


These are just my thoughts though...I'm no expert on lighting. :(


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recently swapped from a china hat to a adjusta shade horizontal reflector for my bud room and the increase in yeild is double ,the light is reflected to the tops of your plants more so small plants or big tided down plants grow well,if you want a few big plants then it wont matter but i recommend an ozzy made adjusta shade.

china hats reflect outwards so it forms a bowl shape(of foliage),

horizontals reflect down so it forms a flat square shape meaning you can fill your room to the corners.getting more in a shorter time,if you set up right youll have no trouble harvesting heaps regularly .

all the best.

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Yeah, it's pretty much all relative, but chinaman's hat shades aren't used terribly much anymore... except in very large rooms AFAIK. And even then it's up to the situation...


More light is reflected back down towards the plants with a batwing or similar reflector. Chinaman's hat shades hold the bulb vertically, so the light has to travel a lot further to reflect back down, and we all know the inverse proportion rules as far as light goes... the further away you go from the source, the light diminishes rapidly to a point of almost uselessness... So yeah, I'd say get a horizontal batwing/gullwing/adjustashade type reflectors are generally better, but it would depend on the circumstances. :(

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Cheers everyone. I was thinking of using MANTA type reflectors rather than the deep bowl I used to use. Has anyone used these before? What were the results like and what sort of coverage can I expect? I don't want to part with the cash unless I see results, but I supose it's just like every thing else with this hobby, trial and error..........bloodshot247 Edited by bloodshot247
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