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11 plants down to one

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When the Hail came in I had 11 little seedlings but when I went up about a week later

They were all gone but 1, which was lying on its side and going yellow with just the head pointing up.


So I filled the pot up till the top of the plant with just its head sticking out do you guys think it will live.


And i can onley water it once a week.


I’m new by the way nice to meet you’s.

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Guest Wilderbud

My plants were crushed a couple of days ago too. One lost the top and the other lost all the fan leaves but luckilly theyre still growing - theyre almost straight now hehe. :(


Maybe third time [this year] Ill get lucky and produce some smokable buds? :D


Just start some more IMO - you can put a bit of shade over them and this wont happen again. :(

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