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Greatest munch ever!

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alright, for this u need the following


nutella-1 jar

gummi bears-1 bag

bread-two slices

sandwich toaster-just the one



ok spread nutella over both sides of the bred, onto the nutella pour a handful of gummi bears (also marsh mallows work), put two pieces of bread together and put in sandwich toaster, pres down and once its done enjoy the greatest much ever!!! its insane, all the gummi bears go all gooey and seep into the nutella, heaven!

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Haha.. nutella is the shit but that sandwich sounds like one of those things that is great at the time and you have fond memories till next time you try it.


My bro is an apprentice chef and once he came home raving about this spinach and olive soup, we reckoned it was one of those jokes the oldies play on apprentices like a left handed spanner or a long weight.

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Guest Wilderbud

Id like to see 'marijuana in-a-biscuit' hehe. B)


Whos good at baking? ;)


Oh... a marijuana leaf shape would be cool too!!! I wonder if we could get someone to mass-produce these for the cannabis cups?

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