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Hydro germination

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Guest Wilderbud

Fish filter wool? Visit a hydro shop and get rockwool for next time and dont forget to water it well then strain the water [dont squeeze it - lift and drop and excess will run out - its like draining boiled vegies].


Keep them moist and warm and they should crack after 12-24 hours if its a good seed. A better way of cracking a seed is to soak it in warm water for a night then put it into your germination medium - spray the water with a mister on stream to oxygenate it.


Warm = 27C - try to get the mediums temperature as close to this as you can - a fishtank heater or germination heating mat is good if you cant find another heat source [fridge/lamp/water heater] - they only cost about $25 so its worth it to get 100% germination with viable seeds.


If it doesnt crack after a day then flush the medium again or change the water so that it doesnt stagnate [stagnant water/medium is slimy when you rub your fingers together in it or goes green - this is not healthy for the plant].


I usually throw the seed away if it doesnt sprout within 2 weeks but ask if the strains seeds are hard to crack - some need warmer temperatures supposedly [ie. tropical strains]. Most of my seeds crack after one night and sprout on the 3rd day.

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