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transfering clones

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if the clones are already rooted you can put them into your hydro setup now, and start feeding them nutes, let them veg until they are about 10 to 18 inches.


As for how far away from the plants your lights need to be, generally if you can hold your hand above your plants for about a minute or two without getting too hot or burning then that is far enough away. Personally I have my light(600w) approx 12 to 18 inches away from the top of my plants

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All the above are good ways, but if they never been under intense light, I would start them at around 2 or 3 feet, and gradually work the light down. Also keeping a fan blowing on the plants and under the light serves a two purpose function. 1 keeps the stems strong, and 2 keeps the heat from lingering around. A good ventilation is always sweet imo. Also some plants can handle heat and more intense light closer than others, even from the same strain.


>>>Also, how big is your hydro setup. Cause I can't really help out with out knowing that. But for the first week or so in hydro, they don't need that much nutrients to start out with.-I have an 11 gallon one and a 5 gallon one. To start out with the 11 gallon one, I use:

Grow: 2TSP

Micro: 2TSP

Bloom: 2TSP

Epsonsalt: 1/4 tsp

"I use GH nutrients"


For the 5 gallon one, I start out with 1 TSP of everything as above.

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Heres a pic to help grasp what everyone means. These three clones where all taken from the one mother. The smaller one will root first but as long as you keep the larger ones supported and misted they shouldnt have any problems. Only major setback is the blades break lol and if they arent tight in the cube(spin around or fall out)

These are all to be cloned under a 1000 metal halide about 5 feet away. Bonus to taking large clones is they are either ready to sog or within a few weeks of veg you have a new mum.

As flowerman said first week or so after rooting you have to be lean on the nutes but then they should be right.


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