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Geneticly Modified?--can you trust the seed compan

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Im not paranoid. Im just cynical. I dont trust GM foods and I belive the whole GM food thing is a system set up by american corporate interests to screw the rest of the world...


so what of GM dope?.


GM canola is said to be more resiliant claim the GM people. the poor farmers found out that they cant use a percentage of there crop to grow the next generation because the seeds from GM canola are sterile. they find they have to purchace more of the GM seed to grow next season.


and thats not considering the health aspects of GM foods. if the same companys that screw the average canola farmers are doing it to dope then what can we expect...


if anyone knows anything about GM dope can they please reply..


I gotta russian fuckoffski right now. but ill leave with one thought:

do you trust your seed bank?

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g'day; i do not claim to know this as fact, it is only my perception of GM foods,they require a laboratory to breed the new 'GM' food.by splicing 1 part of 1 plants DNA with another species, to get the hybrid vigour and other traits that 1 or other possesses.

i doubt that anyone has the money to fund a GM cannabis trial grow.(until it is legalised again).

cannabis growers/connerseurs, would not be too interested in GM buds i think....i would not like GM buds!

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you dont suppose that a certain forign government may be doing theise experements on gundjas... the same forign government thats draconian prohibitianist stance on weed has forced pot growers throughout the world to nolonger gorw outside in the sunshine but indoor away from prosecution???


this government has the money and resources to modify our weed, I just wanted to know if anyone had infomation on them doing it.

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