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Hiya all!

This is my first post here(I think!)

A little story for ya'all...


My partner has an arthritic condition, and spinal injuries sustained through her ex-husbands inability to control himself :angry:


I put her onto 'erb about 3 years ago and after securing the right clone,she was able to function 200% better than before!

Although the legal risks involved were too high, so she has discontinued treatment and has re-lapsed.


This fool (ex-husband) grows copious amounts of 'commercial bud' for re-sale,we know this as he used to weigh up and sell in front of the kids....but doesn't contribute anything but hassles and threats to us and our 3 kids (not that we want his help,we just want him to piss off once and for all).


Anyway, about a month ago we moved location and apparently the new tenants 'found' less than 1 Gram of said substance and a glass with her name inscribed on it in a cupbord......very handy indeed cosidering the glas in question was in his possesion for the last 7 years!


Next, we received a call from the police in that area, who tried to heavy-hand us into submission,which we denied (as it wasn't ours anyway).So we fronted up to our local precinct and told them the story :P .


I'm pleased to say that this bloke is now under surveilance for his hand in the set-up and the other copper has his tail between his legs.


Makes you wonder how many cops are in on this stuff, not to mention the fact that the people who need this wonderful medicine are constantly being raked over the coals for trying to live with adversity.


Where's the justice?


Thanx and I'll hop off the box now.

Peace mesc.....

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High there INDICAtive, welcome to Oz Stoner's.

I'm pleased to say that this bloke is now under surveilance for his hand in the set-up and the other copper has his tail between his legs.

It's good to see that someone managed to get some justice out of the law and an arsehole cop get put in his place, hopefully next time he'll look a little deeper before making his judgement on flimsy evidence.

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Thanx for your support guys......I really didn't know what sort of response I'd get cause I always respect the unwritten law,and I certainly wouldn't relish in bunging somebody in for something I believe should be in OUR control anyway.

People like this bloke , and the cop are both doing nothing to help anybody.

They're both cashing in on it....and that makes me futile!


Peace Mesc....

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