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first time grower

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Hi take_a_bong. I grow in pots in potting mix and get nice plants and nice smoke, but I always get the best potting mix available. I've seen experiments done with cheap potting mixes and the results aren't pretty.


If you are going to use potting mix, get one that has little ticks in a red box showing it's up to Aussie standards.


Sorry I don't know much about osmocote as a fertiliser. I think it's a non organic slow release one, if so you'd have to be careful about adding any more ferts later as you don't want to overfeed your babies. Good luck with your grow

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Guest Wilderbud

Ozmocote is fine if you dont mind a bit of nute burn IMO.


Seasol is what Id recommend if you want a simple to use and easy to get fertilizer for plants grown in soil. You can buy some liquified bat guano when it starts flowering to replace the seasol feeds. Follow the directions on the bottle and you shouldnt be disappointed.


You can feed weekly to fortnightly and get good results in soil. If weekly or fortnightly feeds is still too much then Ozmocote will have to do. :P

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Guest Wilderbud

Oh you asked about soil also. good aeration and drainage is what you want and the same soil from different places can have different properties.


I love peat moss and would go for a 1:1 mix of this and some brandname compost. BigW sells good peat blocks and hydro stores sell good coco peat [only 2 places/types I will recommend!]. Go for some Yates ready-to-go soil if you want good soil and dont mind paying for the branding or if you can find the green gardener soil [its available from Woolies - says it on the bag - heh] then I like this stuff and its cheap [bigW maybe - green 25L bag].


Test its water-holding capacity before using it - it should soak evenly and drain readilly.

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