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My first plant

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Hi there Green peace and welcome to ozstoners B) , a normal light globe is no good for growing, u can use compact fluros to grow a plant from start to finnish but u wont get very much and it can take a wile, if u are going to get ya self a 400w get a 400w hps and use some thing like a sun-t globe as it has some of the rite light out put for veg and bud, but have a read through the FAQ link at the bottom of my post and that should help u out with most of the info u are after and if there is anything u want to know just ask and we will be more than happy to answer questions lol
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ya forget about the normal globe. as stated u can use floros.


metal hilude is supposed to be better for veg and hps better for bud. theoretically it is batter to use hps 4 both veg and grow if u don't want to use the two types of lights 4 the different stages of grow. how ever i am increasingly meating vary experienced growers that are using mh 4 both. this helps stop the plant streching and keeps the bud dense.


also i would preffer a 600 watt hps over a 400 cause 600 watters are much more efficient then 400 watters.




ps get rid of the al foil and use a better reflective medium

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Guest Wilderbud
You could get a 250W HPS, 5" fan + ducting, a timer, tray, drain bucket, pots, peat + perlite, duct tape and small nutrients for about $300-$350 which could get you some ounces after a few months. I spent just under $1000 on a system [3 times as much stuff because theres 3 chambers]. lol
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I agree on the HPS lighting . if you only have enough $$ for one light

go for the hps. I wrote this a year ago on GK . ~take heed ~



Ok..........which is better (MH-HPS) who's to say So I opened a book and started reading & this what I found.. Mj like all green plants , use light to fuel photosynthesis . so the more useable light the plants receive, the faster they grow . however, the chloroplasts , little organs in the cell where the process takes place., use the red and blue spectrums most efficiently. they don't use green light and they are fairly inefficient users of yellow & orange light. unfortunately for plant, both (HPS) & (MH) lamps produce most of there light in these spectrums . HPS lamps produce more total useable light than MH lamps. Contrary to what others will tell you . In controlled experiments (HPS) Outperformed either MH lamps alone or mixes of MH & HPS lamps . the reason that growers intuitively think that different spectrums are needed is that to our eyes , MH light looks more like mid summer and HPS looks like fall. and growers who have succeeded following there advice have accepted the myth . the truth is that (HPS) lamps supports Vegitive growth better than MH lamps. they grow faster and bigger and the yield a greater dry weight It also go's on about there is no need to use MH in there garden... BY ED Rosenthul...






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