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putting clones on drip system


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It depends on the lights. Under flouros a drip system will be too wet. You will get scarid fly laying eggs in your medium and they cause root rot and kill your plant. Under HID you might get away with a gravity fed system - a bucket higher up than the planst. You could use micro tubing and put dripper heads on each tube at the plant end. You can screw these tighter or looser to adjust the drip rate.

It also depends on the medium. Some dry out faster than others. BUT,

overall, you should give the medium a chance to dry a little in between waterings. If you set up a bucket rig like I mentioned, you could put a tap in the line from the bucket, and then you just turn it on for a bit every 3 hours or so. Or you could automate it all with a timer and pump for about 50 bucks.

Gooood luck

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