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whats the most you,ve ever got

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Guest weekprik

I know other will be jeolous and will give me a remark like, oh wheres the pics without them we dont believe you, But


My best EVER harvest was off bagseed, Outdoors, unknown strain but sativa,


I got 13 Ozs dry off it, but havent ever been able to do it again :P, it was a huge plant and was grown true bush style, it took forever to finish though,


I had an indoor plant hydro that gave me 10 Ozs,



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Guest Wilderbud

I havent had much buds as I havent had the chance to grow in the open at all - most of the time my plants have been ripped-off outdoors. I probably got about 2 ounces from my best plant so far and it was gone before it had time to cure.


I had about a quarter on my latest plant and ripped it up because of paranoia [fucking neighbours].


Finger-size and golf-ball size buds are all Ive seen on a growing plant so far - I hope my Afghani buds are decnt sized but Ive read they probably wont be - doh. :P


Id love to grow a huge Mango [strain] tree! Ive seen real photos of one grown by an old friend and it was a monster - the shit tasted good too and I got mates rates on a few half ounces.

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Guest weekprik

sorry I didnt mean the big leafs, its the little ones that make up the flowers.

It was leafy in my plant but bud leaf not the crap you cut off (if that makes sense?),


Oh and SPC where I got it from said that it was a Hash plant, Anyone help with the meaning of that term? whats a hash plant?

My G13 also apparently is a hash plant?

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