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scored a bargain...i think.

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hi peoples'

just came back from our local auction house, and picked up a brand new 4ft fluro for 5 bucks. i've just got to hook a lead up to it. it has a single 36 watt tube. cool white. my question is.


will this be o.k for clones?should i pop back down and grab another?would another tube be better. i would have to buy it from a retail store

as there isn't a hydro store for 300k's.


all advise and tips would be greatly appreciated, as i have never cloned under light before.


thanks heaps


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Guest Elefunk

Sup wade...

Sounds like u got yourself a good deal there..

i also picked up 2 x2nd hand fluro with 18 watt and leaded lights for 15 bucks from sum trash and cash place out livo...


im always stoked about saving dollas

coz me no rich man




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Guest Wilderbud

New tubes are only $2 BTW.


I have 3 double strip lights doing nothing now as I dont like them - Id probably want $10/ea so you got a normal deal IMO [no idea how much they are new].

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Hey Wade....

The only thing with a four foot fluoro is that not enuff of the light goes to the plant. (small plants and clones etc)..A lot of people forget that it's not only the amount of lights and the wattage but it is the efficiency that you have them set up...

Fluoro's don't have much light penetration so you need them close to the plants...only the middle foot or so of a four foot fluoro is going to be close enuff.


eg, One CF at 18 watts will be better than One four foot fluoro and 36 watts because you can get all of the light from the CF very close to your plant (especially if it is a small plant) where as I said before a four foot fluoro, only some of it will be close enuff.


But, $5 still is cheap and it ain't going to go to waste. :P


I've got 6 18 W CF's for veging, 4 blue (cool white, daylight) and 2 red (warm white or soft white) and it seems to work well...cost about $50 to set up...

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