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can the natchy taste from outside plants be cured long enough so it tastes good ? or how bout adding some orange peel or something to the cureing, ? the plants are in soil/perlite/potting mix, all are outdoors and were started indoors unders cf's, there almost ready i took a bud a few weeks ago cured it a week and a bit and its was pretty nice only a slight natchy taste,, so longer cure should do it ? peace Hout SoDry..
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Yeah mate:


Do it this way:


1. Chop down the mountains of buds you grew.

2. Trim off all the really big leaves.

3. Wash the buds in water, just for a second. Don't soak them, just rinse.

4. Hang the buds upside down in bunches in a dark, dry place.

5. When the buds are about 2/3 dry, roll them gently between your hands.

6. When the buds are dry enough to burn, but still slightly moist, pack them into coffee jars, and open daily to cure.


Keep the cannabis in the fridge or a cool dark place.


Watch out for MOULD it can really fuck your crop up.

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Guest billy bonger

;) I suggest you only use water and no chem 1 week before harvest, to try to rid the plant of the chem taste,dry the way valley villian suggest and you should be laughing :lol:


billy bonger B)

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Have been doing this for a few seasons now.


Just a small rinse to get off all the nutes, bugs, dirt and crap that has accumulated on the heads over the year.


Read about it in a book by Ed Rosenthal-- he recommended that you do it with leaf to get rid of the really harsh taste.


Anyway, a couple of seasons back a crop of mine almost got washed away. Came down to find 5 plants covered in dirt next to the creek. Called it 'Mud Bud' but just washed it off in a bucket and hung it up to dry.


Never looked back since.


But you don't have to do it----> and you have to be VERY careful about mould.

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Guest Wilderbud

Ed was probably trying to achieve more drying time as the longer it takes to dry the sweeter it tastes IMHO [supposedly it takes 2 weeks for the sugars to be transformed or something].


Sure if you have dirt or bugs then wash it all out or youll end up with unsmokable buds but I wouldnt do it at any other time.

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