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I have a question i am recently transplanting my clones to the flowering room, they have been transplanted about 24 hours the p0lants are not standing up staight they are slumped over, i have given them a little dose of water and fulvic acid also i have them growing in promix and earth worm casting, with a little coco. The light is 1000watt i have the light about 5 ft above the clones to keep the heat from being so strong also i have a small fan osculating over them, any suggestions?
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Hi dbltoker welcome to ozstoners, i got 3 clones my self (thanx rodwal :P ) i dont know how he started them but when i got them and put them under my hid (400w hps) thay got very droopy it took them 4 days under 2 18w cf on 24/0 before thay could handle my hid , so IMO it prob will take a day or two for them to get use to your 1000w light .
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heh dbtoker... gotta' agree with Ozmade... too much strength in your light transplanting i'm assuming from fluro's, too much shock, IMO not about feeding/watering etc... just like you see outdoors in nurseries etc which sell 'sun-hardened' seedlings - means they won't flop when ol' aunty sheryl goes and buys her daisies and such and wacksem' straight into her favourite sunny spot at home ::P:


Point being it's the same thing... you need to sun or in this case 'HPS/MH harden' your clones during the first few days in your flower room... maybe put the clones to the side for a day or two and gradually introduce them.


I'm fortunate enough to have a 1000W setup though is made up of a 600W HPS & 400W MH... when transplanting from clone which have rooted under 144W's of fluro's, i leave them just under the 400 .. after a couple of days, i turn the 400 off and introduce the 600... after a couple of more days i'll turn on the full shit :P


If you introduce them slowly to your main light source they will be OK... nicengentle like... their only babies.

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