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Hey Welcome to OzStoners


you could do it either inside or out but its better to do it inside because then you can watch it more closely .


Step 1:Get a small plastic bowl/plate


Step 2:Put a layer of ripped up cotten buds on the bottem of the bowl/plate dampen the cotten but Not So Its soaking wet Just Damp


Step 3:Push seeds into cottenwool & cover with a shred of cotten


Step 4:Cover the bowl/plate with some glad wrap/cling wrap


Step 5:Put it in a dark warm place ,eg:underbed,in closet,draws


Step 6:Cheak everyday for little white tap roots coming out of the seed pod when it comes out pick it up carfully and put into soil/hyrdo


Step 7:Become Addicted To Growing :D




Peace & Pot :huh:

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this is what I do...


let seeds soak in tap water for 24 hours.  then place between a couple layers moist paper towells, make sure you keep em moist.  when they crack plant them in moist medium of choice pointy end down.

why soak them in tap water for 24hrs, I germ straight between paper towels and usually have tails showing within 24hrs.


them pop them in 50/50 perlite/vermiculite tail pointing up. water them with a mist bottle till they get leaves.


hey ozsmoker, you can buy cotton wool in a roll from any supermarket, savings brand, much easier than ripping up cotton wool, but easier again is paper towels.

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Guest Wilderbud
hey w,c i always thought that the first tail that pops out of the seed was the root..it . the seed needs to ancor itself before it starts growing.how come ya put seed in with tail pointing up. not being a smart ass but that's what we learned in tafe.

You learnt to grow marijuana at TAFE? SWEET! :huh:

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Guest Babybear

I knew this fairy who planted there seed in soil to end up on the top nor really covered , Anyways fairy put the seed in tail down an grow dam fine :D


hehe mj at Tafe fark where can i go to this??? :huh:

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