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First time......

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Hey there, well I live in Arkansas and where I live there isnt to much good weed going around without going out of town. Which I dont really like doing. Well I do live in the city limits but around here where I live there is alot of land and woods. I know a couple places that I could do it, none of my friends know about them, which is going to be kept that way :).


But my question is, should I start it indoors or outdoors? This will be my first time and I just wanted to make sure I do everything right. Like what kind of soil I should buy, what time i should start it, im guessing when the temp. becomes 60F+. So probably around march maybe?


Also how often should I check on the plant and water it? I can do it every day, it wouldnt be hard, and the place is where no cars really go or people. So people seeing me going in and out of there wouldnt be much of a problem.


Starting it indoors might be a problem if I need to.

The kind I would like to grow is KB, i can get the seeds, so if you know the best way of growing this, please help me



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Hi there jayds10, Welcome to the site. I'll throw in my opinion to the ring for ya.


Mind you, this is an Australian based site, so most of us won't have much knowledge about the specifics of your area. However, we'll do our best to help out. :huh:


But my question is, should I start it indoors or outdoors? This will be my first time and I just wanted to make sure I do everything right. Like what kind of soil I should buy, what time i should start it, im guessing when the temp. becomes 60F+. So probably around march maybe?


Well, if this is your first grow, the I would suggest you learn as much as you possibly can about growing before ever planting a seed. There's nothing like experience, granted, but there's also nothing like a textbook to give you knowledge you may waste a few growing seasons learning. ;) Check out the Grow Faq here, and the individual forums are a treasure-trove of info too. The search function is a very, very useful tool.


As you're in the northern hemisphere, I'd imagine you're in late autumn there now, right? Well, MJ is a short day flowering plant, so that means that when the dark hours increase beyond a certain threshold, (depends on the strain, but almost all strains will flower with 12hrs day, 12hrs night cycle) the plants, regardless of their stage, (except the youngest seedling) will begin to flower. So planting out now, or even in the next few months, oudoors, would not be the best idea. So yeah, March or so, or when the last frost is gone. ;)


I'm not sure how cold it gets there, but MJ doesn't like frosts either, so if you are going to plant out in spring, then do so when the last danger of frost is gone, and I mean gone. You can get a head start indoors with some flouros and a propogation setup, so that when you plant out you have seedlings at 1ft instead of just germing...


Indoor growing is a lot more work generally, and costs more obviously, because of the electricity costs, but it allows total control of the environment, (within your bank balance and intentions of course) so that you can grow several crops of clone plants a year, all yeilding well, instead of one, or at most two outdoors. Indoor growing needs specific spectra for lighting, so make sure you're using the appropriate flouro's (cool white, or cf's) or HID's... (MH or HPS... I use a son-t-agro dual spectrum 400w hps.)


Another thing, venting, if you're using HID's, make sure you have a good extraction fan. This is absolutely essential, as hid's put out as much energy is heat as light, so that makes for a lot of heat. Temps should be maintained in the 20-30 range if possible, middle-upper areas of that range is perfect.


Watering will totally depend on the weather, size of the plants, soil type, etc... etc...


But look, I could end up typing 40 pages about what you really need to know... without some specifics about your plans, I can't really help in anything more than generalisations. As I said before, check out the side in some detail, and read like mad, you'll be glad you did. There are as many ways to grow MJ as there are growers, if not more, but all of us follow some basic guidelines in the end.


So have a look around, and let us know if there's anything more specific you'd like to know. :D

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Yes a couple of days ago the wheather jus dropped from like 70 to below 55 :huh:. I figured if I started reading and learning as of right now I would know enough by march to start growing my own plant outdoors. Indoors is out of the question because of who I live with ;) .


But, is there a certain type of soil that mj grows the best in? Im not sure if you have differnet kinds of soil to buy there than oppose to here. I'll take a look at the FAQ and read as much as I can about growing outdoors.


Thanks for your help, i might be posting more if I come across some things that I dont quite understand. Which im sure I probably will :D.



thanks again

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Guest Wilderbud
Any soil is good. If you want to grow quickly then hydroponic mediums are good and no medium is best but for growing a plant make sure the soil; drains, aerates, holds nutrients and releases nutrients. I like peat, compost and some fertilizer or nutrients outdoors. lol
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