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hack it back!

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:) hey people

o.k firstly, this probably goes against the grain of the socalled expert grower but i don't give a shit . it worked well for me.

in september i put some indica seeds in. i normally grow sativa, but run out of weed, so i decided to put some short termers in.

after sexing, i decided there were a couple of girls that weren't growing quite as well as the others.so i decided to hackem back.

well, what a turn around.they went back into veg and put on another 2 ft.and still goin hard.they are only now starting to head up, whilst the others are only a week off pluckin.

what i did was take about a third of each branch and ripped off most of the foliage.kept the water up and the rest is history.i'll let you's know what sort of yield i get off them compared to the others.but i know i'm gonna get heaps more.

wade :)

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No: it's true. You have to make your plants work to grow really well.

If they get the easy treatment all the time, they just get lazy.


Always had a bit of a hack every time, trimmed off the tops: by the time they get to season, they are dense, chunky and happy.


IMHO sometimes, if they're looking a bit sad, and not growing fast, and you're getting enough water to them chop the top branches back a bit (not too much) and they love ya for it.


But never Never NEVER trim while they're budding (except for a little bit, and I won't take much says voice in head....SNIP SNIP kaathud -->plant hits ground !!)

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