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Where to plant is a big decision, when I do grow out in the bush, I ask myself two main questions. 1. What is the rainfall for this area? And 2. What, is the day temperature and the night temperature. Sounds abit hard to workout. But not to worry, once you have found your site and have a ruff idea of its location say within a certain area on a map or you can use a GPS system to pin point its precise location. I use a GPS as I plant my babies all over the place and it helps to find the again.


Contact the Bureau of Meteorology in your state, and ask them to send you a copy of the rainfall readings for the year in that area, and also ask them for the average mean temperature as well. Armed with this info helps you to plan your site. :)

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Absolutley mate, great idea. If you can use gps, you can get to plants that even you forgot about. Problem is, they have to be written down somewhere, unless you can remember all the numbers. ;) Be careful with any information which has to be written down. But still, a good tool if you can use it. :)


Not too sure how much one would cost nowadays, but they're fairly common now, at least since the last time I saw one, (my old mans boat quite a few years ago) They're pretty damn pinpoint now too, less than a meter, depending on the type obviously. The European Union is planning to put up its own version of gps, 30 geosynchronous sattelites, and made a commercial venture eventually. The thing is, the U.S. military has control over the present gps sattelite systems, as they were invented by them. So every gps signal on the planet, (as well as a few others I might add) has to go through a U.S. Military sattelite before information is resent to the user. There are obvious implications of such a monopoly, and china has recently chucked in a couple hundred million dollars to support the E.U. project. Could be interesting for the G.P.S. user in the end. Can you imagine a G.P.S. consumer war? ;)


Anyway, I'm nattering... damn, this pot's great! :) On the weather thing, you can also get yourself a great little program called Weather Stats. Associated with the Beauro of Meteorology, they provide 15 min updates on locations around australia. If its got a weather station, it should be able to find it. I'm quite lucky tho, as my city has the main station quite near where I live, (I ain't gonna tell ya, so don't ask... ;)) and so I get consistent results from it. It may be somwhat out if you live an appreciable distance from the weather reader, but still, great stuff. Has a rain radar function too, I can't tell you how many times that's saved my orchids from a midwinters deluge. (They really hate cold, wet conditions.)


I'm still bloody nattering... ;) Check out this link, I love this little thing, don't know why I haven't said anything about it before here... oh well.


Thanks again for the post there love4sensi, keep it coming.

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Guest Wilderbud

For Brisbane area late Spetember to early October is a nice time to plant. There should be some rain before you plant and plenty of rain and sunchine afterwards. You dont have to worry about them when young but start dragging the buckets to it after the new year - heh. :)


Ive raised a few plants outdoors. :)

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Wade Ounce, I use a Magellan GPS receiver that has 2 Meg of memory. The only thing is it cost $700 from Dick Smith.

But you can check out other electronic stores or the local marine suppliers. Also see look in the Trading Post. You can pick them up even cheaper without memory but you will need to take a pen and paper with you.

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