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How does smoking up influence your sexual life


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Hallo, dear members.


I have been doing some research on the net and other sources, which is primarily involved with a very intimate problem of mine. Info, that I found can be interpreted very differently, therefore I have decided to post this message and ask people who actually smoke for a piece of advice.


My question is very simple: does continuous smoking up (every day during more or less 8 years) effect your sexuality (if you are a guy) and if it does, than how exactly?


Thank you very much for your reactions

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Guest Wilderbud

Are we supposed to have something to compare?


I didnt have sex before I started smoking so who knows. Im pretty sure I function normally but apparently its debatable. :)


Cant you just do a multiple choice question?

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are you impotent mate?? thats no good, its all about stress and pressure buddy, maybe smoking pot is making you too paranoid and getting you too uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Try some different pot maybe, or just dont smoke so much. Pot dont do nothing to my sexual life.


I'm right in that assumption eh??? you dont go gay or anything when you get stoned do you??? wanna rape and kill peoples pets or anything??


Anyways happened to me 1 week or 2 when I was only 20, I seriously wanted to commit suicide, I thought I would be like that for the rest of my life. had forgotten about it a month later, there was just something about this girl I was fucking, too good looking and shit. I thought it was mushrooms though it wasn't, thinking it is pot is just adding to your stress man its not pot, maybe you eat to much shitty food, maybe your too obese, maybe your sick man. Anyways you gotta not think about your dick, like have you noticed if you get paranoid your dick is looking small it shrinks up even more, it tries to cause you shit. But when you think about how big your dick looks it puffs up even more. genitals are funny and smelly things.


Or is it the opposite, premature ejaculation, man that must suck too, be thankful you don't have both, imagine premature ejaculation without an erection. like you just cummed for no reason, I dunno about that, what do they say, think about cricket scores and shit. I'd plan your next crop while your doing things, I'd imagine its like the same situation, don't think about cumming or not cumming while your doing it, dont think about the word cum even. The dick is a funny thing, its not really controlled by you, its more like its doing theatresports and reading your thoughts and then trying to act them out, throwing in some bad jokes along the way.


Anyway, in short its not pot, nothing to do with pot, whats your prob man, we dont know you??? unless you find your more hatefull while having sex when your stoned, me too, maybe theres something with that.


what a strange topic. :)

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As far as sperm goes mj will decrease it but not permanently, as far as performance goes well it depends on the problem and the cause as stated by WC. But physiologically there are receptors in the testes but their effect on performance, or even if that info is available, I do not know but if I see it I will post a reply. The physiol effects of mj on the autonomic nervous system IMO are similar to those experienced during sex ie increase in parasympathetic tone leads to erection during normal sex whether there is an established improvement in erection due to mj i don't know, ejaculation is affected by sympathetic NS involvement.

Good luck mate

All the anecdotal evidence suggests it doesn't hurt.

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Guest weekprik

:) my Mrs wont make love to me when Iam stoned, She reakons it makes me the eveready man, I keepgoing ang going and going and ang going and going and ang going and going and ang going and going and



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go easy on the guy. touchy subject for some.


Dunno what to say to this, Ive cut right down on the smoking but when I first started, and pretty much now aswell, I enjoy sex alot more when stoned (but not too stoned). My doodle' gets hard easier after I have a few I guess, like im in the mood for some lovin.

Long term smoking resulted in normal behaviour for me, like when I wasnt smoking at all.


The dick is a funny thing, its not really controlled by you, its more like its doing theatresports and reading your thoughts and then trying to act them out, throwing in some bad jokes along the way.


hahahah, fuck I fell off the chair reading that shit.



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Well i recon it makes you more horny :)

I must admit i have been to high to "get it up" and that was really embarassing, im only 20 damn it and that isnt meant to happen, i still get shit from the chick now and its been over a year since then and its never happened again...but if you ask me it doesnt effect your sex drive at all...unless you are really really really really really really really high :)

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Sex is 10 times's better when stoned. A little performance anziaty?


No joke what about rubbing some deap heat into your dick and doing some penile exercises in front of the mirror?


Lift, and pull, one, two, three, four and ,drop, lift and pull, two three four now lets get going guys lift hold and drop two three four


you get the idea :)



Edit: maybe a black marker and a line on ur glans would help you could use the incentive to make ur old fella smile at you...

Edited by Black_one
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