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Greetings fellow Ozstonerz,


Almost ready for my first indoor grow after spending a season or two outdoors. :P Obviously playing mother nature this time around is going to require a little more effort and one thing I want to remove the guesswork from is feeding my ladies.


After doing a bit of reading through some of the older threads it appears that there is a consensus that the "truncheon" is the bees knees when it comes to nute meters.


I was interested to hear what fellow growers are using and hear about the pro's & con's WRT different types of nute metering equipment.


I've pretty much decided I'll get me a truncheon but don't know anyone whose got one so I can suss them out.


Is the term "truncheon" a description of the device based on it's shape or a particular brand of nute meter?


If there are several brands which are lemons and which are top shelf? (If I'm paying >$100 for a meter i'd rather spend an extra $20-30 and get quality)


I've seen one at the local hydro shop but don't trust the dude for an honest evaluation (It looks like it's been sitting there gathering dust for ages and I'm sure he's keen to offload it asap to the first person who shows interest in it) ;)


Look forward to hearing what ppl have to say. lol

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The truncheon is a great meter, a few mates have it and it is sooo easy to use and is maintenance free, the only negative is that they cannot be calibrated. I use the digital type ph and ppm meters which when calibrated are very accurate, however, you need to buy calibrating solution and recaibrate them quite often which is a real pain. If you have the cash go the trouble free way, i had limited cash and managed to get both my meters second hand for about 80 bucks.
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Guest Wilderbud

I like the sound of the Tank Commander constant-measurement instrument although I havent tried an electronic meter yet.


I want to build my own measuring instrument like the Tank Commander so I can adjust various concentrations when its needed automagically [via some programming and switches/valves] - Dick Smiths and Tandy cant help with environmental controllers so Im still looking around for parts [to save me from ripping a new Tank Commander apart] any ideas are welcome as Im new to hydroponics so have no idea who could provide the probes/sensors Ill need. Computer-controlled growing is something I want to do as Im a geek and my thumb only has a hint of green in it [from chopping up]. :P

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