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drip systems for outdoor grow


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hello fellow growers,what r the best methods for hooking up a drip system for outdoor growing as wanting to use 70 to 100 litres drums per plant as visiting plants will be kept minimised by a fair bit,can this be done,is this wise as dont want dead plants next time i visit ,bonging out.
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g'day mate, welcome to oz stoners. lol


check out this thread, it may have the answer you're looking for. I reckon dripper system for outdoors is a great idea.




also, you should checkout Lofty's setup. This is a good setup I reckon and it wouldn't take much to make this automated with a second bucket and battery operated solenoid.

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Pretty easy system:


The way which you use depends on the terrain you are growing in. If it's on a plain or flat piece of land, you will have to use a pump. If it's in a valley, you can divert a creek into your reservoir (don't get caught by farmers!!!!).


The easiest system I have seen was two 44-gallon drums, water provided by siphon from a creek uphill. The 44-gallon drums had holes drilled in the bottom, with black pipes extending to the crop and drippers. There was no need for a timer as the drippers let out water at a slow rate, and mull doesn't mind the wet esp. in summer.


The most important thing with such systems is concealment, especially from the air. Split your crops up into perhaps 10 different patches in an irregular pattern, and grow on someone else's property. The government is good for this! Spray the drums with a variety of matt, dull paints and place around rocky areas to conceal from choppers.


And don't get caught.

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