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Plant size/ Potency?

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Hey guys,


I wanted to see if you could tell me what you all have seen regarding plant size and potency.

I had 2 plants for my last grow, number 1 flowered for 2 months then i cut it down and dried and cured. PLant #1 was a thick strong plant, It needed very little help holding large buds at the end of 1to 2 ft branches, It also had a main stem at 3/4's of an inch, it was thick, I was presuming that this plant would have the more potent yeild, as it appeared healthier.


I just cut plant #2 down, It was a little behind #1 but ended up flowering longer then #1 by 20 days. This plant couldnt even hold itself up, I had to tie every branch to something to hold them up, It looked pathetic.


In the end plant #2 is alot more potent then #1, I mean i get stoned!!! off of plant #2. I was thinking they were the same strain but #2 smells really frutiy. They were both 5 ft tall, I had more yeild from #1, but #2 is more potent.


What have you guys found regarding potency?

Is the main factor in Potency which strain you have, Or can different growing conditions make a big change in end result?

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