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they r all gone...cept for 1:(

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what a freakin day.

this afternoon, cause it had been so hot here in brisbane today, and windy, i thought my babies could do with a bit of a fees and water.i went to my hidey hole...only to find that some fucker has taken them...25 plants 2 ft tall, and about 20 seedings...all freakin gone. lol

this was my first grow....and all i have is one tiny seedling and 1 plant left.

i could cry....i took such care of them

i have decided that next grow- if anyone ever gives me some seeds, will be hydro.by the way...noone knew about these plants(cept husband, and even he really didn't know exactly where....they were in a bushland.so someone has come across ythem...and pulled em out...buds, leaves and even some of the stems are gone.

so i am appealing to everybody who reads this....have u got any seeds spare??????e-mail me please on sharonjacobandisabella@msn.com.i promise to send u a cookie from the proceeds!

i realyy can't afford to buy over the net, cause i have to set up some lights first, and i figure that a decent hydro setup is gonna cost about $200.(anyone got any cost-cutting ideas???????)

security is a really big deal...i was thinking of... building a room under house...just out of cardboard and wood at the beginning, or in the roof.i would like to start with about 20 plants, building my way up to 50 as money allows...so obviously the main money will b on lighting(second shop fluros???)

please help me out on this one guys...(or girls), i don't want anyone to know i am growing so i won't ask mates i know, so i am relying on u!!!!also...just out of intrest...any other girls out there growing???seems likee it is mostly men???let me know!

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hi, there are a few girls on this site, I think one of the mods is a girl but I am not sure.

Thats really bad luck but you will find plenty of good info here and the members are very helpful and imo they generally know what they are talking about. As far as the size of your grow i recommend you check out your state law about amount of plants deemed supply, in NSW it is 50 plants and this usually means the difference between jail and a fine.

If you are buying new shop around some hydro shops maybe $80 difference for essentially very similar lights there is cheap place in gosford 600w son-t for $205 base model up to around $300 for the better 600w models I think(50w/sqft (standard amount)means 12 sqft of light coverage for a grow with 600W)

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Hey there siouxie sioux sorry to hear about your babys getting riped, i hope the asshole who took them gets busted and becomes some ones toy boy in the jail, with the seeds we dont like to do thay sort of thing asking for seeds on here (nothing against you) as that cood bring some unwanted intrest from LEO, there is a lot of plcers that u can get cheap seeds, there is a listing of seed banks on this site go and have a look and u mite just find something not too dear or u could try johnnyreeferseeds (sorry cant find addy at the moment) he gives seeds away to help ppl out u just have to send him $5AU for postage and as syk613 said cheak with your state laws because growing that many plants can get u into a bit of shit hope i have helped a little lol
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Hi there Siouxie... I too must commiserate with you on your loss. I've suffered the assholeness of rippers myself...


But, like these guys said, you can't get seeds through this site, we're only here to help you find and grow em, not to sell em. :P There are heaps of sites offering cheap or at least reasonably priced strains... failing that you can always save, or go the dreaded bagseed... that's never really recommended, but it can teach you a lot about growing nonetheless..


I'm sure you'll find somewhere which will fit your budget... I did, and I'm about the poorest bastard there is. lol


Good luck Siouxie, and remember, karma exists, so those that ripped you will get what's coming to them, and probably in a way you never imagined. ;)

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For starters I wouldn't tell everyone one here my email address if you don't want people knowing that you grow.


You can get some quite good strains from bagseed or friends, but the problem is you also get alot of shit. If your going to indoor this shouldn't be a problem. Just grow about 15 seeds find the best plants and clone them! :-)


The other option is saving up for a good strain from a seedbank. If you are worried about getting seeds mailed then go with the bagseed. I would go with one of the bigger and more reputable ones like seedsdirect, dr chronic or heavens stairway.



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