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Guest Wilderbud

Marijuana sticks out like a sore thumb when flowering [can you tell me another plant which produces as much resin?]. Dont plant near a flight path and take care visiting the plant when flowering starts to happen.


They go for cash crops. lol

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Im a northern nsw person, choppers are fucked especially in the northern rivers area. Anyway plant em in small plots don't grow a big bunch of plants, the chopper won't worry about a coupla plants, I've watched coppers hover over plants with my own two eyes and then fly over me carrying a shovel and watering cans. Don't worry about them unless your trying to get rich. (although i shit my pants for weeks after that)

Depending what your land is like you might need cages to start your plants off, if your in granite mountain area than probably definately, same as you have to cage your vegie garden in them areas, but possums and wallabies are the two worst pests for cannabis plants outdoors in australia in my experience (not much when it comes to outdoors).

Don't just watch for helicopters, alot of crops are busted by recreational pilots doing a "good" deed for the day. Northpower (is it country energy these days?) choppers can bust you too apparently so avoid power lines, bush walkers are bad, Don't plant somewhere that looks nice, find somewhere full of lantana, it makes a great detterant for bushwalkers/rippers.

Anymore questions ask away....... pm me I might be able to help you out a bit more in the way of choppers, probably not much seeing your name is surfer, never lived on the coast.

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jeez...this is some good advice...

i probly really needed to read this...as i am starting both an ouside and an indoor gro real soon ( as soon as seeds arrive!).

what about in brisbane.i used to be a junkie-tho not any more( and not since i woke up to myself when i fell preggers with my first kid), and had thought that the pigs only gave a shit about sellers.i didn't think they would worry about just a plant or two...

good tip about not using a pretty place where ppl will look/bushwalk.that was y i think my plants were stripped...by some very lucky, theiving bastard.....i mean, they didn't have to take it all.(it was mostly leaf tho...with just little buds)hope they got a headahce.

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Dope floureses. (is that a word?). Regardless of how dark green it may look standing next to it, it will look light green from the sky and look flourescent. As stated before, it's the resin, the sun hits it and the plants just glow. It's quiet amazing to see. I had a group of 8 or so plants,Duban coincidently. They were about 8 feet tall, and had lovely rich dark green colour. They were planted amongst a weed bush called Button Bush. It's a very dark green plant too. So I figured it looked well hidden.


But in reality it glowed like mad from the sky. Stood out like dog's testies. Was found by the cops from an areoplane, and I burnt the lot. Several pounds. I didn't have much choice. The car just had to break down that day, I was living miles from anyone I could count on to bale me out, like 100 miles or so. It was 20 k walk to the closest bus stop to get the gear out of the district, and there was only one road in, and as WC mentioned, I was crapping my pants. It kind of un-nerves one to watch a plane almost drag it's wing inthe dirt as it circles the crop, while you stand just 50 metres away watching. Could see his uniform, and just about the colour of his eyes.


The sadest part was that I was going to pick the plot that morning, but got stoned, and left it untillater inthe day. Well, so much for that crop.


I had several that size though, and is a good reason why several small crops is better than one large one.


On the issue of helicopters in Nth NSW, the general idea was a few years ago that they wouldn't land or bother with anything under 5 plants. This is in the Nth rivers area. So plant several small plots, which is best for subterfuge, for the event of it being found by theives, and to keep the cops happy you aren't "Mr. Asia" or somthing.


Someone was saying that their plants had been partially stipped. It may not have been rip off merchants, although I obviously didn't see the plants, I'd blame possums. Or wallabies. But a hungy wallaby might eat a plant to the ground, where-as a possum will often just strip a plant, and make a general mess of things. if someone was ripping it off, they'd most likely have taken the lot.


Anyway, just something to think about.




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good advice from them guys but i would make sure that u plan ahead and expect 1/2 ur plants to get stolen/eaten/male ...i would make plots of 3-5 plants and have the plots atleast 500m away from each other and not in any noticable fashion ie. just a straight line of plots 500m apart.


Some sativa dom strains resemble banksias if pruned and trained...if u can find a patch of banksias i say fill it :lol: unless its in a place where security is an issue..


anyways happy growing and wish ya the world or luck with ur crop

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