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prob with leaves

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Wilted? Okay, so I'm picturing a seedling, with it's first set of serrated leaves or "true" leaves, and only one side is wilting? Or is it just the point of the leaf... the very tip?


It could be overwatering..... If you end up drowning the roots so they can't get enough air to the root zone the plant can appear quite sick and wilted... Although there are a myriad of things which could be causing this. If it's just a tip of the plants leaf it could be overfertilising too, plants will respond very quickly to this, with an almost perpendicular drop at the tips of the leaves, just 1-2 cm or so which points down, while the rest of the leaf is straight... If the prob isn't arrested quickly, you can get tip-burn... and then this burning, (actually excessive salt buildup is preventing any moisture from getting to the tissues of the plant, but it has the same effect, necrosis and dry, brown tissue on the leaves) will slowly move up the leaves and eventually kill the plant. Sound scary enuf for ya? Well, don't have a heart attack yet... this is just a couple of ideas about what it could be... I can't really say yet...


You have to give us a little more detail, soil type, how often watered, what ph the water and soil is at, where the pots are, amount of sunlight, etc... The more you give us in detail, the better. :) A pic would really rock, although I expect you would have already posted it if you had one.


Anyway, yeah, that's my tentative diagnosis, although like I said, there's a lot of other things it could be, I'm just going by what you've told me. :)


I'll look forward to your reply... We'll get them plants happy and healthy again, MJ is a bloody tough little species.... :)

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