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Flowering already

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My plants are approx 1 month old, outdoors, in full sunlight yet when they are hitting there 4 or fifth set of leaves they are starting to head. I have ripped up 3 males so far. My biggest plant which is growing flatout is not showing any signs of heading. I am just curious if anyone else growing outdoors is having this problem. 2 of the males were from the same seeds yet the other one is a different strain all together. I have grown outdoors for the past 3 years and never had this problem before. At least that is 3 males which i wont have to grow for nothing but i just cant explain it. All seeds are put outside once they have germinated so they are not inside under lights or anything like that.


Cheers B)

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Budizbuds, here's a couple of possibilities.


Not all strains are photoperiod dependant as far as flowering goes. Tropical varieties recieve the same amount of light all year round, so if they were dependant on photoperiod they would never flower. Instead they flower when they reach a certain maturity. But if yours are flowering as early as 1 month after germination this is probably not the case. Any idea what strains you have?


Also, some hormonal additives, Superthrive in particular, have been reported to cause early sex expression in some cases. I've just experienced this with the White Widow I'm growing now. The males showed there stuff very early, the females a week or so later, but both under 18/6 with 800watts per square metre. The good thing about this is you seems get quite a burst of flower formation when you do go to 12/12.


Hope my 2 grams worth helps.



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