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Yep, made it through the bloody search and seizure crap a couple times. I wrapped it up in plastic, put it in tupperwear, and then inside a clay jar and spilled a cup of washing powder around

it. Those bloody beagles scare the crap outa me.


As Tom said, it's vegetables they're looking for. I can't even remember if they searched ya goin to the mainland, but from the mainland into Tas, they almost strip search ya. Well ok that's an exageration. But they do open ya boot up and let the dogs snif in there, open the back doors of the car and have a poke around.


Good luck. It does make the heart race for a few minutes.



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Guest Urbanhog
A friend claimed that you should put some "aftershave" or even better, try these Garden "Pest Off" products to keep cats, birds, possums, dogs, etc.. off the garden, they hate the smell, but never know if the doggies are also trained to find these smells aswell..... :angry:
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I agree. Personally if I were going somewhere where I *knew* there would be police dogs i wouldn't be packin' any green.


I can't remember where I read this, but an idea to confuse sniffer dogs is to save your bong water and with a small hand held sprayer spray it around the place. If the dogs are going wild the cops are unlikely to search anybody...probably.

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We had a member on these boards once that worked with dogs in the army. He told us that the dogs are trained to detect anything unusual.


Actually, to better explain, the dog handlers are trained to notice their dog's behaviours. If the dog does something out of the ordinary around a certain area, it becomes a place of interest to the team.


For instance, I used to dig a hole in the ground right up the back yard of a house I lived in out bush. The hole would house a 5 gallon bucket with those great seals that you can use for bucket bublers. I'd put a piece of timber over the hole, about a foot down, and cover the reamining foot with soil.


Apparently, this wouldnt have saved me. The dogs apparently would have found interest in the "stale" air under the ground. Even though they wouldn't smell the pot, they'd hesitate over the hole as the sniffed along, and that heistaion, although for just a moment, would alert the handler to something "unusual".


Now, back to Tas. I've wracked my brains, and coming back on the Devil Cat, there was no sight of dogs. No suggestion of giving up fruit or veggies either. It's going into Tas that's the prob.


But you know the world, and the way things work. Anything's possible on the day.


If you're talking about bringing over a fair load to get rid of, you could try putting it all inside a PVC pipe, and seal the ends. There is definately no scene of looking for pot. So you dont have to worry about it looking suspisous. The couple times I had the dogs doin the number on me, the handler was a young girl, who was seriously only interested in fruit and veg.



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