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Guest BudWaver

Hi there....Ym is a superior product to superbud fro about the same $$$


Superior?...both are reported to reduce THC levels with YM reducing them the least..and they can reduce smell


YM major difference is that all your plants will not look uniform like with SB...some of the genetic characteristics will be allowed to develop such as non uniform bud formation etc...


Both make the buds rock hard....YM is a bit more of head fuck as its not a one part nute supplement...


An remember both are supplements to your normal nute scheme....


Oh yeh 180/190$ australian

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Guest weekprik

I havent used either but I have seen the results of SB and it was lower yeild, and a crappy smoke.


YM is a 4 part system, not like SB which is a 1 part,


The 4 parts do different things to each other so that you can refine your suberbud type adventure,


Myself, well I wont even smoke the buds if it was grown with SB,

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Guest BudWaver

nah...theres a lot of conjecture about the taste of SB and non Sb treated products with 95% of people (ive only seen one connoiseur to confirm this) that there actually is a difference in taste...


Never rely on others for info regarding use of SB or YM


Sb used to be a 4 part...all they did was make it more convenient for the end user than using a 4 part system


Most of the time you wont know you are smoking Sb treated buds...not all SB treated buds are rock hard and brown....


Dont beleive the hype

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Guest BudWaver

Yeh mate fer sure....


Everything depends on how you use it..what gets me is people judging it without trying it...based on the word of others they have read or listened to


Everything with a grain of salt

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Guest BudWaver

Bud Detective...the salt pile is getting larger..... :)


It honestly wouldnt surprise me though..if SB does contain pacobut...or whatever it is...which costs about 1$ a litre and is not for ingesting then DM just might be fucked...if they can prove a link between the SB and long term helath effects..which they cant for now...

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DM just might be fucked...if they can prove a link between the SB and long term helath effects..which they cant for now...


That's because they won't tell anyone whats in the stuff... :angry: I can't pick up a bottle and go online and see if it's safe for ingestion, let alone smoking. There are all kinds of products out there of a systemic nature like SB and YM, and some of them give great results, (depending on what you're after that is....) but the absence of an ingredients or other concrete information other than the mumbo-jumbo they use to describe the product, makes me more than a little cautious.


Not saying don't use it, just saying I'd research the heck out of anything that I'm giving to or applying to my plants... if it fails the - "Well, what the heck exactly is it?" test... where even those who produce a product, (I'm not talking exclusively about SB or YB) then I tend to avoid it. That's just me tho. You'll have to make your own decisions about what you think is a reasonable risk for you. :) :)


Get the basics right, and have a well maintained and orderly growroom/system, and you shouldn't need it... The genetics, and MJ's propensity for growing and flowering like nothing else on earth will do the rest. :)

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