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Should I rip?

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Hi all im growing very berry 3 fems on 12/12 for 5 and a half weeks they only have small buds on them about 1 cm. My setup is soil, :) hardly any nutes and 3 100w fluros I grow in a robe with no fans but they get most of the 12 hours light outside in full lunchtime sunlight. I have alot of other plants that could be taking up this space and a hydro setup im putting in, they have only recently started to really get into budding.


So in the view that i have many better plants to veg and the budding plants are badly streached and not proforming to well. Should I cut my losses and try for a better crop next time?


(They really are in a sorry state no brantching off just one main stem and about 18 tiny buds clinging to it)

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Most likely it is related to the strain you have. I'd say it is a late maturing sativa. If you leave them longer they should mature and you should get bigger buds. Make sure you have the space (height) and also make sure that the plants only recieve 12 hours of light per day. No more! Anymore than 12 hours and your plants will stop budding and start veg'ing again.


Keep them if you want, but you be better off starting again with a decent fast maturing indica or hybrid.



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