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is it too late to throw in a bit of blood'nbone

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g'day fellow participants,

Is it too late to throw in a bit if bloodnbone? some are flowering some are in veg . i'm a bit worried about burning them. could i possibly water it down for a coupla days and then por it a few inches away from the roots. if you think this might work, what sort of application rates would you use and how often? some educated advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks heaps and a big "OOROO" from the bush.

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I wouldn't put any blood and bone on if they're flowering mate. They might bolt and reveg out the tops of the heads. That's assuming blood and bone is High in Nitrogeon, which I think it is. I haven't used it in years and can't quiet remember.


But just check it is, if so, don;t use it anywhere near the flowering girls.




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