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Thrive for Tomatos

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I was at my local kmart the other day and I saw a bottle of Thrive concentrated tomato fert, now i was told by a fellow grower that good,But would like some second oppions.ill get the trace elements an that if needed,But the fact its not posions and is for vegitables makes me feel its pretty organic , I like to stick to non chemicals :)
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Guest Wilderbud

Whats the NPK? :)


If you want to grow organically then checkout blood and bone, manure compost, kelp tea [ie Seasol], fish emulsion, worm castings, bat guano etc. Organic is stinky, slow and it can attract more bugs but if you want natural growth then its great - Ive used Seasol, manure compost and bat guano and they all made my plants very healthy but Im trying some hydro nutes as indoor organics is messy and Im sick of having plants ripped off from outdoors. :)

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:) how you doin...mate, nothing wrong with thrive, although i prefer MJspecific nutes myself(probably the most techo part of my setup). everyday thrive works and so does miracle grow, just dont go over the top with it, ppl think if a little bit works, then a lot is gonna hammer em...in a sense it does,hammers em into the ground. neither of the above are organic, but using them responsibly will still give you a clean healthy grow....hope ive helped :)



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