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Conditions for plants


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What conditions do pot plants need to grow? like the humidity, level of light...all the usual???


I know it probably varies with the breed of the plant but i have no idea what kind mine are so some general information would really help, i dont want my babies dieing before they have a chance to be smoked lol

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Ideally humidity should be around 50%, but generally speaking humidity won't kill your plants and can be pretty flexible. Avoid absolute humidity (100%) because you are asking for mould. but, with proper air circulation/venting its impossible to get close to 100% humidity.


Temperature range is 24-27 degrees ideally.


Rule of thumb is minimum 40watts per square foot for lighting, but can be anything within reason, as long as you keep temps under control. I've seen grows do well with 20watts per square foot. Obviously the more light you can have the bigger your yields will be.

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