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Outdoor Buds Look like a mutant

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Yeah need sum help in this one... A "green" herbs stared to grow in the winter and and just a few days ago i pulled it out, "so Much dam rain!" but... it looks funny


the bottom branches started to get real seedy... & is it went to top of the canopy the seeds got less and less till there was none... i flick the bud and this dust/pollen? shit comes out and i end up having an asthma attack if i don't put it away


on the bud, its got these bubbly flowers but they don't look quite like the ideal "bud"...


Funny thing is, it's real good smoke, (even my D liked it), they should of put this bud in X-men, coz it looks like it's mutated.


Indicated a female, Sativa type, is this a hermie? please can sum1 share sum lightt B)

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