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outdoor hydro

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hey im going to grow plants in pots of perlit use hydro nutes outdoors. just the same as indoors but out doors. probly white rhino and sweettooth clones. has any one done this some advice would be great . i dont see any problems with this. as long as plants dont come out of perlit as they will be large if u no what i mean.i can put them under cover when it rains and i can flush at harvest at end of may.
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Guest Babybear

You woul dhave the light factor been out side i think that they will dry out quiker. what why were u thinking about watering? by hand or pumps

have you got pics of your set up :D ?

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Outdoor hydro ROCKS! If you can maintain it... yeah, handwatering you'll be dumping watering can's full daily into a pure perlite sys... although if you could, it would work well... It's just a matter of doing the hard yards...


Yeah, sticking it in the ground in a good sized hole with a good mix depending on your region would be fine anyway, but if you can control it... :D I'd say go with the soil tho, much easier. :o Although you could lighten the mix and aid drainage considerably with an addition of perlite, just remember that it'll need more regular watering the more perlite you add.

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Outdoor hydro works great , use Rockwool not perlite , wool holds more moisture for longer where perlite drys out way to quick , if you have pots at least 10ltrs size you will get away with a single morning soaking watering .

Put a layer of gravel , scoria etc in the base for drainage and weight .


Make sure the plants are secure as the wind can blow them over .

If you are watering once a day , use a weaker mix than normal as the salt buildup will get high by afternoon in summer .

Flush with clean water once every 7 to 10 days .


Remember the trick with rockwool is flow so don't be skimping on what you put through them in the morning .


Use a color pot other than black if you can , black pots get very hot .

Put some branches or something around the pot to help keep it cool .


If you want to get fancy you can set up a small 12v marine pump and small solar panel and have it water them for you .

It all depends on many factors on what suits your situation , but yes outdoor hydro when done right is excellent , as sunshine and fresh air and a good strain is hard to beat .



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sounds like a great idea outdoor hydro, has me thinking outdoor bubblers all i really need is extension cord and outdoor plug to plug it into, then some waterproof type box or good wrap to keep water out of the plugs/cords when it rains, hmm rain could be a bit of a prob to if the bubblers are out ::D: could work tho, a bit of adjusting here and there .
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