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G'day peoples,


Getting ready to put together a small bubbler set-up, (couple of tubs) in a fairly small space (1.2m X 0.5m). Been doing a bit of reading on the boards and it seems everyone has a reservoir & control bucket set-up. Is this purely for ease of maintenance with respect to topping up water and nute levels or does it serve another purpose?


I'm new to bringing the garden indoors and am trying to keep it simple (Because (a) it's my first indoor gardening excursion and (:P I have limited space). I am wondering if the res & control bucket are necessary. The how-to's i've seen around about constructing a bubbler would indicate they are independent units.


Overgrow article (DWC Bubbling bucket)


Is anyone running a bucket like this or is it too much of a pain in the arse to top up and change the nute solution without a res & control bucket?


Love to hear from anyone indulging in a bit of aqua-culture.


Cheers :D :o

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you will find that your roots will fill out inside your bucket pretty fast. If you don't have a control bucket you need to be lifting your plants out with this big root mass to check PH, do water changes etc and it gets real awkward. for a bit of pipe and an extra bucket you make your life so much easier. also, the roots will be solid to the sides of the bucket and may wrap atround the airline and airstone, so you could damage them by lifing them out all the time. better to have your control bucket outside your cupboard. no wasted grow space and you can do checks/water changes in dark cycle during flower with no hassles.


in terms of res. and float valve into your control bucket nah you don't need it. it just makes system a bit more automated and water level constant. but, there is nothing wrong with just topping up manually from your control bucket evefy day, or two, or three. you can let you water level get pretty low in bubblers before topping up without causing any real problems.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. After doing a bit of reading in the FAQ thread I found some more info I hadn't noticed before. Will definitely be adding a control bucket to the set-up. Probably use a medium size hobby tub. A couple of quick Q's though.


Warming the Nute Solution


Planning on warming up the nute solution with a small aquarium heater (in the control tub I guess) - Putting it in the control tub will it be enough to up the temps in the grow tubs yeah?


Lightproofing the tubs


WC - I noticed your post in another thread recommending the use of Reflective Film as opposed to the time consuming task of wrapping with PVC / Duct tape. Is there a brand of film with adhesive backing or do you mean just encasing the tub(s) in film and sealing up with tape??



Seeds have just sprouted and are in Grodan cubes under Flouro's. Haven't had a grow going since last summer and I forgot how addictive it is. Can't wait to get this grow up and running?


Planning on constructing this weekend. Will post some pics.


Back to the boards for some more research.


:D :o

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Cheers Pipeman,


I don't think I'll worry about the heater for now. Spend the $$$ on some other components :o .


Still tossing up over a few things:


The lighting (400 or 600 HPS) - The heat and ventilation are the main concern here as, because of the nature of the space, I wont be able to install ducts and/or exhuast-intake fans. So I'll have to use desk fans of some sort but I will be able to open the doors when lights are on with no security concerns. I'm hoping with the doors open and with fan(s) at the rear of the cupbard pushing the warm air out the ventilation wont be an issue - what d you think??:D


To SCROG or not to SCROG?


Not sure if i'll try adding a screen down the track and try my hand at a scrog (rattldogs grow on the boards has me inspired to give it a go)


Hey Pipe, have you ever used panda film to lightproof your tubs since WC posted this method?. Do you just wrap your tubs up like a XMAS present, cut holes for the netpot openings and airline and then seal with some tape or what??

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mate, you need some ventilation, no question. Opening doors and having an osciallting fan will be fine for temps, but, in flower are ya gonna be there on the dot at the start and finish of every 12/12 period to open and close the doors? you can't leave the doors open in the dark cycle during flower. Also, you will be wasting a lot of light power. With the doors open you will lose light to the outside, with them closed, all that light is reflected back on the plants. You can buy a couple of 150mm exhaust fans and some ducting for about $100 and it will more than pay for itself. also you will be surprised how much light a HID makes. have one in an open cupboard and you will see it through the cracks in all the doors and windows of the room its in.


yeah I've just started to wrap buckets for my next grow in panda film. will post some pics in my "sorry grow" thread later. what you said sounds good to me, just wrap up, tape and poke holes through as necessary. wrap your lid and bucket separately so you can take it off if you need to. there is rarely a reason to do this, but I like to look at roots. :D

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Opening doors and having an osciallting fan will be fine for temps, but, in flower are ya gonna be there on the dot at the start and finish of every 12/12 period to open and close the doors?

Yeah good point Pipe. Being a tenant I can't really modify the BIR to accommodate exhaust fans and the like so I have decided to build a cabinet for my bubbling ladies rather than use the BIR i was originally going to use.


Think I'll whack a decent exhuast fan in the top with a light trap on the exterior for the dark flowering cycle.


Time to go shopping for some materials. ::D:

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Time to go shopping for some materials.
::D: I was hoping you'd say that :o Have fun!

Btw, I have a small bubbler with a mum in it. The growth rate compared to the clones I've had next to it in the aquamiser system is unbelievable. Not to say the aquamiser isn't good, it's brilliant.

You probably would want to add a control bucket as suggested to your set-up, just to make life easier!

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