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Cloning Lights

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Hi all, haven't been round much lately. Been breakng in some new strains and finding mothers. Was wondering what lights everyone uses to clone, and how they go. I always used the Power-glo 20 watt x 2 in a 2 foot fitting. I've always had a good survival rate, but damn, they are pricey compared to normal ones. What about you guys?



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4 x twin 36 watt, 4 ft cool white fluros in a 1800x1220x510 cubpoard turned on its side. Good thing if you get a cipboard with draws in it, when you turn the cupboard on its side, what was the side of the draws now acts as a raised platform to put your cloning chamber on - closer to the light/greater humidity etc. The rest of the cupboard i use to keep my mothers in a small DWC system. If you've got the room! lol I don't use the cupboard to veg my clones - once cuttings show roots from the bottom of cubes they get transplanted straight away into my main room for 3wks of veg. under full flowering light. IMO and for my setup is easier to transplant, get thicker stems, stronger root growth before they set into flowering.



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