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Censorship of local pro-cannabis paper by zealot

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Hi Guys & Girls of Oz stoners,

My name is Wayne, formerly known as generic hippie, and I publish a small pro-cannabis monthly newspaper which was removed from circulation by Joe Friend, local camphor laurel eradication fanatic.

In my October edition I published some observations about camphor laurel trees I have made personally, this is the article as written;


Camphor Bloody Laurels again…


Well, I got the jaws around the place flapping again with my mention of camphor laurels last month. Tony Baron gave me a call asking me to air the other side of this potentially explosive issue.


Ok, so it is only “some camphors” that cause problems, not the beautiful specimen directly across the road from my house though, home to this nest of six eggs and the lorikeet what laid ‘em. And as for the frogs in my laurel laden creek, can’t hear yourself think some nights...


Joe Friend took offence to this article, which comprised less than one percent of the papers content, (I did the sums in a fit of rage), and removed from circulation the remaining, non-hand delivered copies.


When I questioned Joe's actions, this was his response;

The reason I took more than one copy of The Terania Times at The

Channon store last week WAS IN FACT that I consider the 'free product'

to be only worthy of being trashed into COMPOST; a perfectly good

compostable product! The small piece of environmental news WAS IN FACT

full of errors, poxy photo, no caption, and portends that the

Editor/writer knows some science - patently disproven by contact/s to

his (mutual friends') in The Channon - same day service! IN BRIEF :

your latest issue is devoid of any sound environmental information; for

that, that Issue only deserves to be composted/mulched, esp. since we

are in the seventh yr. of a long drought, AND YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

I will stop at nothing less than a FULL APOLOGY for last issue's

defamatory remarks, AS WELL AS a full RETRACTION of the entire column

on Camphor' that you placed in the issue which has brought you DOWN!


I would appreciate it if you guys could visit Joe's site and leave a message displaying your disgust at his arrogant censorship that saw a total of 28 advertisers out of pocket.

I have been leaving several messages a day, warning people about Joe's behaviour, but they keep being removed, it seems Joe is not into free speech at all.

Joe Friend, anti-freedom of speech


I know it's not because of the cannabis issue he did it guys & girls, but I could really do with some support in this, my newspaper is a free community paper so the Police cannot charge Joe with any ofence, the lawyers aren't very interested and I am not allowed to physically teach this 53 year old lunatic a lesson...


Thanks for your time and support of my PRO-Cannabis paper.

Edited by Wayne C.
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I really can't follow his problem. I take it you are not taken with the notion of any good camphor is a dead one. (they do make nice furniture)lol, and he is of the pursation of purity rearding native flora.


I really dunno, the only refernce I noted of his that I can make comment on is he left out a full and consice explanation out of his problem. That and also mentioning the name of beautiful "The Channon" without mentioning it's exquisite beauty. For that alone he ought to be hung by his toenails. ;)


Let him know valium can be usefull in situations such as this, and see how he goes with that. Maybe send him a box of camphor flakes to show him that they're slowly using them up.





ps. Is the channon markets still a big day? Just qurious if it's worth a drive down some time.


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Hey Generic,


here is a copy of the post I left for your 'friend' Joe on his site.


"I hear you go around composting community newspapers you disagree with - hey why not burn them like Hitler did? Try composting a real treat to free speech like the Murdoch press for a change."

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Posted this myself.


Hey, anyone that would do what you have done to a small local free publication should be composted themselves. It's no crime to have your own opinion, however it is a grave moral crime to suppress someone else’s. Wake up and join the real world, not everybody shares yours.
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