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Just wanted to start a thread where people could post their best yield results and what type of setup they were using. Just follow my example below.



NL x


Number of Plants

4 clones


Size of Grow Space

3x3= 9ft



600 son-t

stingray air cooled reflector



Rockwool flock with 3 cm of

expanded clay balls above and

below rockwoll


Container Size

10 litres each


Final Dried Weight

306 grams= 10.2 oz

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This was a long time ago so I cant remember exact yield in grams. Quite early in my growing career, since then its been downhill.



Great White Shark clones.

# of plants


Size of grow space

1m x 1m x 2m


1 x 400w sontagro (around 35wpsf)


Perlite/Vermiculite mix


Flood and Drain.

Container size

180mm tall square pots.


Final Dried wieght

just over 1 pound. with alot lost to mould.


My last crop was G13 under 800w in 6 bubblers at 60wpsf. still drying but I doubt it will be over 20oz. :D

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