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how much do i need?

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yeah i am wondering how much of equivalent of MJ would i need to get me stoned as i would smoking it. It only takes small amounts of the average strength buds to get me there, like about one cone, smoked slowly in halves and im pretty right for about 4 hrs. So how much would i need to say put in cookies or something? i wonder if i could sprinkle some into my seafood pancake chunks mixture (see my recipe here) the only time ive eaten it is when a friend had some cookies but it only really sent me to sleep, i have no idea how strong the buds were or not
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the real advantage of eating MJ is that you can use leaf material to get the THC without having to smoke the shitty tasting plant material. I reckon its not very efficient cooking with buds and you'll get better mileage smoking them. Just gut feeling, I don't know for sure.


Its impossible for anyone to tell you how much you need. Depends on weed and your tolerance and how long you cook for. The longer you cook the more THC will be absorbed into the fat/oil.


The best way is to make cannabutter first then use in cooking. but adding ground bud to any food with fat or oil in it should work. Maybe start off with however much bud you normally smoke to get high.

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Well I've read all kinds of wonderful concoctions in the last couple years but when my wife and I ate grass for about 5 years as we objected to smoking anything, we just simmered the buds in enough water to cover them for a few minutes. Make sure u watch them very closely. Slow gentle simmer, moving the buds non stop.


You'll get a black/dark green watery oil mixed with the buds.


Then we just folded it into anzac biscuits until the mixture could hold no more grass without falling apart. With decent buds in this mix, a quarter a biscuit should send you on one hell of a trip for a good few hours. Maybe half a biscuit. No more but. not util you find out how you metabloise the stuf. People seem to respond differently to an extent.


Don't drink booze! You'll just get so pissed you'll be a fool. I tried drinking with them, and it took a wonderful experience and changed it entirely into one of just being drunk. It;s profound how just such a small amount of grog will alter the whole thing. Some people I know like to dink booze while eating grass, but these people have been basically alcoholic in nature, rather than "heads".


Another simple way is to just nuke an oz in the microwave. Keep nuking it and taking it out and crushing it until you have the finest of powder.


Then just sprinkle it over a stew or something. You will barely taste it (compared to the azac bicuits which taste like lucerne chaf). be very careful. Just use a tea spoon full, and that should be enough to sit you on your arse for quiet some time too. Keep the remainder sealed very wellin a air tight container. Dark and cool. Nukinggrass like this damages it's integrity and it can degrade quiet quickly after it being done. Well, that's the theory. In reality a guy I know that uses grass in this manner and this manner only, even till this day, seems to keep it for quiet a long time in tupperwear, with no appreciable devaue happening.


Eating grass is nothing at all like smoking it. So don't enter into it thinking you can just eat some, and experience a light stone, and get on with things around the house. It may take a while to come on, as much as 60 minutes or even slightly more. But when it comes on, you have no option but to just go with it. With a joint, you can experience when you've had enough, and back off, as you have yourself described how you smoke. If you've had toomuch for your comfort, you'll come back down in a few minutes or so.


With eating it, you may have ingested more than you wanted, be feeling pretty damned uncomfortable, and have to hang in there for some very long hours.


I don't want to put you off it. I love it. I would still rather eat grass than smoke it. If you get it right, you can eat a small amount a few times a day, and be in a world that is unlike any other around the clock, even waking up stoned.


But just be sure you understand that when you eat it for the first time at least, you should have nothing planned for the rest of the day, and if u have kids, they're adequately cared for. It can be an awsomely powerful experience.


I don't do it this way anymore for a couple reasons, one of them being that it's simply harder to live life stoned to the back teeth around the clock as you get older, and it's harder to do (for me at least) when you live and move withing "society". When I was binging on it, we lived very remotey, wouldn't see people fer'n yars sumtymes. :D Seriously, we could count on not being interupted for weeks.


Except when I had to deal with a bloody huge brown snake that was trying to come in the house while I was so far gone, I was sweating. That was dangerous.


The important thing is to be aware you can't just stop. you stop when your metabolism finishes of the weed.


I think when we first started to eat it, we would just do up a single bud in the microwave until it would crisp up, and mix it in a biscuit mix and share it between the two of us. just an average sized bud, maybe 1/2 a gram (guessing). that wasnt so strong from memory.


Naturally the starting quality of the gear plays a big role.




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very helpful posts thankyees, so what i can gather is its a stronger but slower stone than smoking it? like i said, only eaten it once and i didnt have much effect cept feeling sleepy so probably whoever made the cookies was not a canna-cook so to speak. So is it also a different kind of stone? yeah i would not want to have too much coz ive done that smoking specially when i first started it would only take me one too many puff and i was on my ass for hrs :D or sometimes if its not particularly good weed it doesnt matter how much i smoke (within reason) it doesnt enhance the feeling just makes me less co-ordinated almost like i have gotten to a certain point and cannot go beyond, were as with really good shit which btw i have not had the luck of having for some time, average but not great like one batch i had about a yr back,

it keeps getting better the more i smoke rather than worse. I also have gathered that cooking it is best for using the parts of the plant one does not want to smoke like say a male plant? or leaf etc rather than using buds? although i have an abundance of rather average buds atm that i might kinda get rid of by cooking it which i guess would mean i use less right?

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in terms of what plant material to use, you can basically use any part of the plant except stems, there's no THC in stems. anyway, people often use male plants and leaf because its shit to smoke but can still make kickass canna foods. Trim or bud is better, and obviously your canna food whatever it is will be more potent. It can be good to use bud in cooking if you can spare it, because you need less of it than leaf and don't get so strong a "green" taste.


The high from eating lasts much longer and is much more intense in my experience. But is easy to overdo it. The last batch of cookies I made I had one and greened out big time. Felt unbelievably sick and threw up three times. So, go easy. Also, I've found it makes a big big difference if you take them on a full stomach or empty stomach. Eat canna food on an empty stomach and it comes on quicker and much stronger than if you have em when you're full.


One of the best things I like about canna eating is you can pass out at night and wake up stoned the next morning and stay stoned for a few hours. nothing beats it. :D

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Well I've read all kinds of wonderful concoctions in the last couple years but when my wife and I ate grass for about 5 years as we objected to smoking anything, we just simmered the buds in enough water to cover them for a few minutes. Make sure u watch them very closely. Slow gentle simmer, moving the buds non stop.


You'll get a black/dark green watery oil mixed with the buds.




This method intrigues me, but don't you need some kind of fat based ingredient with the water? Otherwise how does it activate?


Same goes with nuking it to a powder that someone mentioned, how does that work without any butter or oil?

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You can use stems too, any part of the plant that has trichomes on it can be used, although obviously stems have less.


THC is fat soluable so it mixes with fats. You can make cannabutter and the THC will mix in with the butter, or any other fatty type thing, eg: stews, cheese, milk.


In my distant memory i recall you start to lose THC at about 120-140 degrees (not sure of the actual temp now). You can avoid this by keeping the temp under 100 degrees (boiling point for water). If you are making cannabutter just don't let it boil, keep it at a simmer but no bubbles.

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